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Meet Josh

Meet Josh


I could say my fitness journey started real early. I remember being 5 or 6 and waking up to my dad turning on the lights in my room saying, “Let’s watch some cartoons.” That meant doing some pushups and situps while watching Smurfs.  Funny because he’s not even a “super fitness” guy but has always exercised and taught me early on the importance to get up and move.

Now the irony is even though health and fitness have been a part of, basically my whole life, I’ve still had my fitness rollercoaster experiences. You know, the ol’ get in shape for a few months, get lazy for a few months, then start all over. The definition of insanity, fitness insanity that is.

Then in 2011 I decided no more rollercoaster. I realized and accepted why put in all that hard work just to watch the results dissipate because I decided to be lazy.  It was time for permanent change. I wrote down my goals, did some research, got to work, and never looked back. Great thing is that mindset and effort change kickstarted my personal training career and I didnt even realize it.

My efforts were noticed by friends, several of whom paid me to train them. The reward I got from witnessing their progress and growth, not only physically but mentally, was and is priceless to me. Seeing where someone is mentally on their 1st day to where they are their 90th day in is fascinating and motivating. So much so I knew this was my calling.

I am now a NASM and ISSA certified personal trainer and continue to increase my knowledge with new certifications each year.  I believe in approaching one’s goals by instilling the mental fortitude and self confidence that it’s going to take to persevere through the hard work it requires to hit goals. Commit in the mind and the body will follow. All I ask of my clients is to trust themselves, trust me, do the work, and we can accomplish anything.

Level 20 Fitness Owner
Level 20 Fitness Owner
I believe in relationships and people feeling safe to talk about their health journey no matter where they are at. Give me a call and we can go from there.