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Individual training completely customized to your goals.


Group Training

Stay motivated with your friends or join one of our groups.

Virtual Training

Weekly virtual training from the convenience of your home.

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It makes no difference whether this is your first day or you've been in the game your whole life.

What We Have
to Offer


At Level 20, we're offering you the opportunity to believe in yourself. What I mean is whether you're thinking about signing up, committed to signing up or are already a client, you've got a goal in mind.


Josh is more than a personal trainer, he’s a transformational life coach. Professional and goal-oriented, Josh will work on body and mind to help you achieve your goals and make a positive impact in your life

Hicham Executive

I worked out with Josh for a little over a year. He gave me the tools I need to be healthy and fit. Because of what he taught me, I went from not knowing my way around a gym or how to work out to fully being able to plan my own workouts. Most importantly, he motivated me each day and has become a cherished friend.

Mae Innabi, Esq. Attorney

Training Programs

Let us take your workout routines to the next level with our full-body programs and intensity challenges. Find a training that matches your needs.

More focus on movement patterns than on individual muscle groups

More emphasis on your body’s movements versus isolated muscles.

A one stop shop, training for functionality, athleticism, cardio, & muscle

Increases core strength, stabilization, muscle growth, body control & more.

Set High Fitness Goals

After you decide to start training we will make sure you get the best fitness program.

Your goals deserve special attention to detail. We’re not here to just watch your form, we intend on teaching you proper form as well.

Your nutrition is just as important to your overall goal as any other aspect of your program. We’ll help get you set up with a nutritionist and guide you on the diet deemed best for you.

It’s as simple as this, know your goal, be consistent with the program and know and be willing to make sacrifices to hit your goal. You do that, and we’ll do the same with you.

Every goal is not created equal nor is there one clear path for everyone to reach similar goals. This about you and your endeavor. Our mission is to help you succeed.

Meet Our


Level 20 Fitness Owner
Level 20 Fitness Owner

Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

I believe the only way we can make change is to first identify where we need to change and then to find people who can help us through it. Our thoughts create actions and our actions dictate results, but it always starts with our mindset.
Prepare for Change

Believe so intently that you have what it takes to change and grow, cause you do. And when you struggle with belief, rely on me to remind you.

Pick Your Goal

Pick your first goal. Keep it simple. You decide what you want to accomplish and start there, but you need someone (i.e. Me) for accountability.

Plan Your Attack

We develop a plan to hit your goals based on a strategic, yet highly intuitive set of easily executable steps. You have to know where you're going first and then I'll guide you the rest of the way.


Believe in yourself and then mentally accept the work it’s going to take. It's the process you have to love, not the end results. The process creates performance for your life and I help you with the entire process.